Advising and advocacy for a better agriculture, food production and entrepreneurship

Fundamental innovation

Ecologically, economically and socially agriculture touches the limits. A future-oriented agricultural system requires smart solutions, new production systems, new revenue models, and new forms of collaboration. FarmUP has ideas about how sustainable and profitable agriculture looks like and how to realize it.

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Diversity of companies

The future of European agriculture is diverse. Not small-scale or large-scale, but both. Both short supply chains and production for the world market, and new combinations of these. We provide opportunities for a range of possible production systems. Agriculture is in a transition and in order to be ready for the future we have to nurture and foster diversity.

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Entrepreneurship central

In the sustainability of agriculture, the agrarian entrepreneurs have a leading role. FarmUP is looking, together with governments, supply chain organizations and NGOs on how to contribute to a future-oriented agriculture. Often this means: collaborate with-, stimulating and supporting entrepreneurs.

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Working alone you go fast, but together you get further

Bart and Martijn are two totally different characters, but with one common mission: to make agriculture more sustainable. We believe that sustainability is possible through forward-looking entrepreneurship within every company. This way we can take our responsibility together in the future of agriculture. Do you join us?

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