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Soy from the province of Zeeland

The starting point for this project is that an extra crop in the farmers’ crop rotation provides them advantages both on the economic side as on sustainability of their farm. Soy, and other protein crops, are in the centre of attention to help farmers in this. In addition, a human diet based on more vegetable protein is healthier than the current diet based on animal protein. Martijn is closely involved in the development of soy and is the expert in this field in Northwest Europe. In addition, as a broker he tries to bring supply and demand together and initiate projects to help shape this transition.

In the years 2015 until 2020 Martijn has worked in the project “Zeeuwse soja”together with growers affiliated with the farmers cooperative CZAV on the introduction of this crop in the province of Zeeland. Unfortunately the last two years we suffered bad conditions for the soy and it is for this reason the interest of the farmers is gone.