Who we are!

We are Martijn Buijsse and Bart Bremmer: two independent professionals with a passion for agriculture, food production and entrepreneurship. We are working on boosting and supporting innovation in the agricultural sector. In farmUP we share our strengths and combine our knowledge and experience.

Bart is a thinker who understands how change works. He wants to know how the wider picture looks like and from there look at different perspectives. Bart makes it clear which buttons you can press to get things moving again.

Martijn is a do-er: he moves things, builds new connections and likes to work with entrepreneurs. Martijn is the enthusiastic person who is needed to initiate change. In his daily life, Martijn is also an alderman for the municipality of Boekel concerned with the economy, the rural development and the environment.

Our clients are agricultural companies, chain parties, governments, NGOs and knowledge institutions. In everything we do, the agricultural entrepreneur is in the centre of attention; farmUP. The entrepreneur is the key when we want to work on a sustainable agriculture, a vital countryside, new revenue models and a strong competitive position.

Our work therefore always begins with understanding the arena in which the entrepreneur is located. An arena with advisors, policy makers, feed suppliers and machine builders, but also with retailers, international stock listed multinationals, changing regimes and NGOs. An arena in which everything is connected with everything, developments are unpredictable, and everything and everyone is in motion: factory-farmed chicken, big data and smart farming, nature-inclusive farming and quality brands.

farmUP creates overview in this complex world: we show what the patterns are and what the starting points are for change. Based on this, we make a difference in the world together with our clients, and we increase the impact of their actions.

Our customer base includes the following organizations and projects: